>Your Turn – What do YOU Know To Be True?

>Okay to be honest, for the past week I’ve been watching too much World Cup Football to stay focused on my writing. So now’s your chance to write The Earworm!

Last week’s post started some really interesting conversations for me, both on and off line, so I’ve decided to open it up and ask you all the same question.

In 500 words or less, tell me what YOU know to be true. I can’t promise that I will be able to publish everything and if I think your comments need to be edited I’ll send them back for your approval first.

If you don’t want your comments to be published that’s okay too, just say so. But I still want to hear from you.

Just a couple of rules;

1- Keep it brief. I have a really short attention span, especially when England is playing.
2- Please refrain from using explicit language, it’s just common courtesy right?
3- If you`re going to quote scripture or other wisdom writing, please give the appropriate chapter and verse reference so we can all go and look it up for ourselves.
4- No anonymous responses please. You know my name the least you can do is give me yours.

That`s it, rev up your keyboards and have fun.

Now back to The World Cup – GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAL!


  1. >I know that true, requited love is the most wonderful experience humans can have.I know that it is impossible to prove that there is no god, but that it is rather easy to prove that particular gods do not exist.I know that, other than love, mathematics is the universal language. 2 + 2 = 4 no matter where you are. Although, computers sometimes manage to screw up even that simple truth due to rounding errors… floating points of a two-edged sword.And finally, I know I really like fresh mozzarella on pizza. Man, is it good!Sure, there is some other stuff that I know to be true, but I'll keep it short and sweet.

  2. >I received this comment posted to a the wrong entry from my friend Frank, so I am reposting it here;You asked what do I know to be true. I know this to be true: So far as I can tell, all "truth" that is known by human beings is relative truth, that is, it is more or less likely to be true if compared to some absolute standard, but that absolute standard of holiness or correctness or perfection, or beauty or science, or whatever you wish call it, is ellusive so far as humans are concerned. There may be, probably is, a truth that is true whether or not anyone is ever able to grasp, understand, comprehend or know it, but as an individual I can only know what I can know.Knowing is different than having faith. I can have faith in something that I do not understand, I can have faith in a person or a God. That is different than knowing. Many people confuse "knowing" with just having a strong opinion. The two are not the same.In this life, I can have relative certainty, but not absolute certainty.Back to you.

  3. >What I know to be true: (and btw Lauren, very cool idea)I know that no matter what, I will forgive my kids.I know that today is not better or worse than yesterday. People are not smarter or stupider than yesterday. People are not particularly better or worse than they were yesterday. People are just people.

  4. >Hi LaurenThank you for the invitation to join your discussion. As for what I can contribute…probably very little. The only things I "know" are those things that I can experience through my senses which are very limited. As for TRUTH, that is a very tricky word with a multitude of meanings. So many people claim to know the truth of the world through a religious lens, based on beliefs that are often someone else's fiction. The abrahamic religions are especially notorious for this error."Doubt" should be the watchword for any person who truly wants to journey toward understanding. An open mind and willingness to consider other ways of experiencing the world will help acquire understanding.As the Buddhists say “Great doubt, great understanding; small doubt, small understanding.”

  5. >I know that all of the dandelions, violets, lambsquarters, and most other "weeds" that my neighbors spray poisons to eradicate from their yards could actually make a delicious salad. I grew up eating such "weed" salads.I know that on a clear night away from the lights of the city, the night sky does my soul more good than 100 self-help books or visits to a therapist.I know that movies are better than television; books are better than movies; conversation is better than books; and praying together is better than conversation.

  6. >To paraphrase one of my great mentors… I know only one thing for certain, and that is that I know nothing at all.SocratesWe can experience, believe, doubt, claim and have all the convictions we think we have, but in truth, we cannot trust any of it. We cannot even trust what we engage with our own senses. The hand is faster than the eye, believe nothing you hear and only half of what you read.There are too many explanations for why things are not what we thought they were, or why we didn't do what we said we would or would not. The best policy (in my opinion) is to simplify the entire process. "I think, therefore I am" Decartes.Accept every experience as new, wonderful and awe-inspiring. Be childlike in our perspective and nothing should ever disappoint us again.

  7. >After having read through everyone's comments I have two things to add.1 – I have always held clear thinking Athiests in high regard. Although we disagree on the fundamental core of your "faith" you usually have some pretty solid things to say on love and personal responsibility.2 – The same cannot be said of most so called "people of faith". Quite frankly your wishy washy statements about the alusiveness of universal truth and the importance of doubt are completely meaningless. Most of you didn't even attempt to answer the question, there has to be something that for you is truth, even something as basic as the fact your heart is beating and you are therfore alive. Instead you are so unwilling to take a stand on even the most basic truth of life itself that your answeres are tantimount to my asking you what colour is the sky and you reponding with "I like pie". When people of faith refuse to take a stand is it any wonder why the ahtiests are winning the debate?

  8. >Sorry, man, I didn't know the answers needed to be deep philosophical bedrock concepts. I should have read your earlier post to get an idea of where your question was headed.

  9. >Atheism is a religion. Once you portray it as such, it collapses on it's own hypocrisy. Anytime you see "there is no God" on a billboard or a bus, it gives you the opportunity to ask anyone around you : "Could somebody please explain why; since atheism is not a religion; do they try to push their point of view on everyone else? Why do they claim to want tolerance, then once they are in control are the most intolerant? In order to win against atheism, you have to change the language. Right now, evangelistic atheism enjoys a perceptive amnesty of sorts which allows Atheists to push their agenda under the cover of government agencies while claiming that atheism is not a religion. If you don't change the language, they will always win.

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