BBC News Article on World Food Prices

Just read an really interesting article on the rising price of food all over the world.

According to Oxfam food prices wordwide are up on average 36% from this same time last year. Think about that! What would you do if the cost of anything you rely on daily had increase by a third?

And that’s just an average. Since it hasn’t happened here (yet) the places were it is happening are seeing an even more pronounced increase.

What’s the cause? Climate change largely, but also increase in transportation costs, like the rising price of oil. Read the artcile, I’ll have more to say later.


  1. Rising food prices are a terrible tragedy, but the article’s analysis of the causes and recommended solutions is a laundry list of left-wing talking points rather than anything resembling reality. For example, climate change is predicted to lengthen growing seasons and make land available for agriculture that was previously too cold – these developments should lower the price of food. Also, greater regulation of futures markets is likely to raise the cost of food by impeding the ability of markets to respond to projected shortages.

    What’s really driving the cost of food today is government, via both biofuel programs (the article did get that one right) and old fashioned printing of money (or as we call it in the United States, “Quantitative Easing”).

    1. laurensheil says:

      I’m no scientist but lets not kid ourselves.

      Climate change isn’t just going to magically reveal vast ranges of untaped arable land. It’s not just about temperature, you need top soil too. There is NO topsoil under the polar ice-caps, the far north is a vast expanse of rock and gravel. No temperature adjustment is going to change that. The only untapped top soil on the planet is in the forests and inorder to get at that we have to cut down all the trees, leading to errosion that would wash away the new top soil within just a few years, not to mention the loss of all those trees.

      Your theory is nothing more than junk science, and a fantasy based on a belief that top soil will magically appear were there is none!

      As for the idea that this is nothing more than left wing propaganda; that’s just a red herring and an insult to the intellegence to anyone who cares about the environment or the plight of their fellow man. The track record of right wing politics on environmental issues is no better. Left, Right or Centre, nobody cares less about partisan politics than a man who is starving to death, his only concern is where his next meal is coming from and the only concern of a compassionate person is how to help him.

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