Hot Enough For Yah?

That has got to be the most inane question anyone could ask; right up there with cold enough for yah or how do you like all this rain?

Somebody actually asked me that yesterday and with today set to be the hottest day in Toronto in over 75 years I’m sure I’ll be asked again.  Just to be a smart-ass I answered “no actually, another 2 or 3 degrees would make this idea!”

Well today I may get my wish; forecasters are calling for temperatures to reach 37 degrees, (that’s 99 for my American friends) in Toronto, well over 40 when you factor in humidity.

During the current heat wave as many as 22 people have died as a result of high temperatures.  More are expected before the system breaks.  But no, it’s not hot enough for me, how about you?

As early as January CNN was reporting that heat related illness was on the rise and this summer could see the most people ever admitted to hospital with complications due to extreme heat.  And as recently as June we were all complaining about how cold and wet it was.  Even here on this very blog I talked about climate change and worried that if the rain didn’t stop soon the farmers wouldn’t be able to plant their crops.  “Quit Complaining About the Weather”

Well now that the rain has stopped and the crops are in the ground we need the moisture more than ever!

Last week, while driving not far from my house I saw a dust cloud kicking up out of a valley.  As I approached I noticed that maintenance workers were attempting to mow the lawn in a city park.  The grass is dead, hasn’t measurably grown in 2 or more weeks but they have a contract to keep it cut regularly so there they were, running their high speed mowers over a dead and dusty field.  It reminded me of the dust bowl of the 1930s.

And that’s where we’re at my friends.  A cold wet spring forced farmers to plant late, now a hot dry summer is stunting the growth of crops and the last time temperatures reached 37 degrees in Toronto was 1936. We all know what the history books say about the 1930s.

Yup, we’re screwed!

But hey, why not smile and ask a stranger if it’s hot enough for yah?  That’ll be funny, right?


  1. laurensheil says:

    So I just heard that with humidity factored in the temperature in Toronto hit 51 C yesterday. That’s 124 for my American friends.

    By comparison, the sauna at my gym is set at 50…

  2. At this rate we could all move to Phoenix and be perfectly at ease.

    I can’t help but mention another “hot” that came to mind as I read your post. Do you think anyone will ask another in hell, “Is it hot enough for ya”.

    by His Grace.

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