Math Quiz for United States Congress

Quick – What’s 2+2?

4?  Good you can do basic math.  Now for the quiz.

If you don’t have enough money to pay your bills should you;

a)      Get more money?

b)      Lower your expenses?

c)       Get less money?

d)      A combination of a and b?

e)      A combination of b and c?

The correct answer is d).  If you answered a) or b) we’ll put you on probation for giving an incomplete answer or perhaps not fully understanding the question but you can keep your job, for now.

If you answered c) or e) YOU’RE FIRED!


  1. Too true. It is so frustrating to see what’s going on. The answer is so clear; let’s get more money now and then immediately start on correcting our budget. It’s just too bad some people would rather play games and hold the country hostage for political aspirations or some hope of increased bargaining power at the moment. Jeesh! Grow up guys!

    I don’t want to get too political here, but we in the US are kind of getting what we (or at least some of us, not including myself) unwisely asked for at the last election.

  2. Let’s hope that they can figure out the math before Tuesday! May God help the world if they can’t.

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