Turning the Page

Today is my last day at my day job.

That’s right, you heard me, I wasn’t laid off due to a bad economy and I wasn’t as my dad liked to put it “asked to resign”, which is really just a nice way of saying somebody got sacked.  No, in the middle of the worst recession of the past 30 years, I decided it was time to quit a stable job, a job where I am valued and respected, a job quite honestly that I need, and took a step into the unknown.  I’m pulling up stakes and moving over 200 miles to a new city, leaving everyone and everything that is familiar and starting over.


I could tell you about family, being there to meet the needs of others and doing the “right thing”, and to a degree that would be true.  But it wouldn’t be 100% honest.  You see there is a difference between truth and honesty, truth is concerned with facts, while honesty is more about emotions and motivations.  So yes, I am moving to be closer to my family in their time of need, that’s technically true, but it’s really not why I did it.

I did it because my life story, or as Donald Miller puts in his book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years”, the “story I am telling with my life”, got boring.

As Miller explains, if you want to have an exciting life you have to think about it as if you are the main character in a story.  Is your story a page turner?  If it where a movie, would the audience root for you or would they get bored and walk out?

Now don’t get me wrong, my story started out exciting enough.  Young man goes to work at a local recording studio only to discover the owner is a mentally ill drug addict and pathological liar who has to check in to rehab after a nervous breakdown.  Young man stays on for two more years and tries to save the business but finally gives up and leaves to join an energetic start-up where he changes the way independent artists release music.  That’s a pretty good story.

The problem is that story only took about 10 years to tell, and I’m not dead yet.

For the last few years I’ve been living the story of a middle aged man struggling to make ends meet while other younger, more energetic men and women continue to change the music business.  Middle aged man get’s increasingly frustrated and concerned that life is passing him by.  Who wants to live inside that story?

You see, the hero in any good story is someone who wants something and overcomes obstacles to get it.  At least that’s the definition Donald Miller gives in that book I just mentioned.  I’ve just been coasting and it shows.

One of the things I’ve accomplished by quitting my job is create some tension, something to overcome.  Bottom line; if you don’t have a goal, and it isn’t a goal that’s going to cost you something, you’re living a poor story.

I haven’t fully defined my goal yet.  But I do know it has something to do with this website.  I’ve spent nearly 3 years reading everything I can get my hands on about economics, politics, religion, and personal development.  It’s amazing to me how it all holds together when you really stop and think about it.

The fact of the matter is I need an income, but my sincere hope is that I find something that compliments my writing and research, not just a job that competes with it.  In short, I want to make The Meekonomics Project my full time job.  I think that could be a pretty amazing story.

Middle aged man quits stable job to pursue a dream of transforming the way people think about economics, politics and God.  Now, is that a page turner or what?  I think so, let’s find out what’s on the next page shall we?


  1. I would say I’ll pray for you, but, you know me enough to know prayer isn’t my thing. 😉

    But let me say this: I wish you the best of success in your new endeavor. I hope you are wildly successful in converting the hearts and minds of Christians and others around you to the open, loving, and generous spirit reflected in your words.

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Can I just say what a relief to find somebody who genuinely knows what theyre talking about on a internet. You definitely know how to bring an trouble to light and make it important. More people must read this and realize this side on the story. I cant consider youre not additional well-known simply because you definitely have the gift.

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