Definition of a Christ-Follower

Every once in a while I get asked why I don’t call myself a Christian anymore.
In the past I’ve given long explanations about what a Christ-Follower isn’t in contrast to what people traditionally associate with the Christian Religion.  The following is a the best description I have ever come across of what a Christ-Follower is.
I must confess that I didn’t write this and when I asked permission to share it here the author asked to remain anonymous for reasons that I think will become obvious as you read through the definition…  Enjoy!


I am a member of an ancient tradition. I am a part of subversive movement. Where I live is not my home country. I am resident alien. I don’t get absorbed in politics. I am a citizen of a different kingdom.

I expect life will be hard. I am willing to pay the price. I am not interested in a privileged life. I am not climbing the corporate ladder. I have abandoned a life of comfort for a higher calling.

I am not a pleasure seeker. I don’t get drunk. I don’t get high. I live a sexually pure life. I take care of my body. I keep my standards high. I know a different joy than my culture is selling.

I am not motivated by pride or popularity. I don’t stress about what others think of me. I know who I am. I know what I have to offer.

I travel light. I keep it simple. I choose to consume less so I have more to give. I may look like I have little but I have far more than anyone can see.

I have time to truly get to know others. I listen to people’s stories. I am not into appearances. The heart is what matters most to me. I am quick to apologize. I am quick to forgive. I like to keep it real and honest.

I live in community. I am committed to my relationships. I follow through on what I say. I put others first. I am loyal. I have many brothers and sisters.

I am always looking to make new friends, especially with those who live on the fringe. I know the poor will always be with us. I also know that I can make a difference. I share what I have with those in need.

I am connected globally. I help the poorest of the poor. I take care for the earth. I invest in tackling the world’s biggest threats.

I don’t judge. I don’t hate. I don’t try to hurt people with my words. I don’t carry a weapon. I am willing to die but I am not willing to kill. I love my enemies because they are just like me. I do what I can to restore broken relationships. I am a peacemaker.

I am far from perfect but I am changing. I have a long way to go but I feel free inside.

I don’t follow a religion. I am not climbing a stairway to heaven. God fills my life here and now. Love moves me. I know where I am going. I know my message. I know my mission.

I know my life sounds crazy to most. I accept I am in the minority. My spiritual ancestors were called the Radicals. You can simply call me a disciple of Jesus.


  1. You’re almost perfect, at lease more so than I am.., or we who call ourselves “Christians” are. You’ve reached a higher plain. Congratulations. You should be proud of yourself for what you have achieved. I have not achieved such perfection yet, and suspect I never will. I just thank God for Jesus Christ whose blood covers my imperfections and my sins, Christian that I am. Connie

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