Daily Posting?

So I’m going to try an experiment.

I follow a lot of blogs. Most of them post way more than I do, at least once a day for a lot of them, some even more than that.  Personally I think more than once a day, unless you have something really  important to say is a bit excessive.  And I confess I don’t read everything, I mean honestly who has the time?

But here’s the thing.  Those bloggers who post a lot even though they might not have a lot to say are still doing something important.  They’re practising.  And you know what they say about practise….

So I’m thinking that I would like to post something everyday.

I’m not promising you Pulitzer Prize winning stuff and I don’t expect you to read everything thoroughly.  When I started this blog I had the goal of writing 500-700 word posts once a week.  I think I’ve done pretty well at that for the most part.  But if I’m going to use this medium to advance the cause of Meekonomics and since I’ve made a career change that more closely aligns with those goals, I need to be on here more.  The point is that The Meekonomics Project is meant to be a conversation and as the moderator of that conversation I need to speak up.

Forgive me in advance if I don’t follow through on this, and forgive me as well if some of what I write turns out to be rubbish, that’s what free-form conversations are all about.  If it takes me a while to get to the point and I have to slog through some crap to get there, so be it.  It’s a process and as I’ve said in the past, you get to see inside my mind while I work out some pretty hefty things.  If you stick with me, and help me edit my thoughts through your comments, together we might do something really interesting.

We’ll see how it goes.   That’s all I have for now, check back to tomorrow.

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