The Year That Was, Part Two

Continuing my count down of the top 5 posts for 2012 here on the Meekonomics Project:

Over the July long weekend I had the opportunity to read the newest release from the late Napolean Hill.  Posthumasly released in 2011, “Outwitting the Devil” was supressed by Hill’s family due to fears that it would taint his legacy.  Perhaps because I had never read any of his work before, or maybe because at the time I was struggling to deal with the fears and anxiety of some people around me I found this book to be increadibly compelling.  I devoured the entire work, all 300 plus pages, in less than 4 days. 

After having read the book I posted this review on July 6.  Although no one has yet taken the time to commented on it, to date is has been read 49 times and clocks in as my 4th most popular post of 2012.  I hope you enjoy it.

“Your Better Than… This!”

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