Book Project Update

First Draft DONE!

 I am so happy and excited to say that as of today the entire first draft of the book project is done and posted on-line.  The working title is: “Meekonomics 101 – How to Inherit the Earth and Live Life to the Fullest Under God’s Economy” 

You can read the entire thing through the buttons above. 

Now before everyone becomes a literary critic remember this is just a first draft.  I know it’s a bit disjointed and there are some gaps in my argument.   My process didn’t allow for me to work on it like a full time assignment so every day for almost a year I got up early and wrote for about an hour.  At the same time I was still trying to post other articles to the blog every Friday. 

Working on a book that way isn’t conducive to writing a fully coherent and flowing explanation of things.  Some days I had to stop in mid thought and go about my regular life.  When I went back to it I often had some difficulty getting back into the rhythm.  But what we have here today is the core of my argument and the task now is to clean it up and make it presentable.

I’d love your feedback.  Feel free to constructively criticize through the comment links at the bottom of each page.  The more I hear from you the better I will be able to understand how my arguments are being received and ultimately make a better finished product. 

This first draft took a year and with any luck the second draft should be ready by the summer of 2013.  After that I hope to be off to the printing press and join the world of self-publishing.  But a lot can happen in six months let’s not get ahead of ourselves, for know I’m just happy to have finished this first stage of things.  There is still a lot of work ahead before I can call myself an author.

So here we go – revise, rewrite, edit, revise, rewrite, edit…

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