I’m Back

Sorry I’ve been off for so long. 

Since Christmas I took a second job which has me up very early every morning.  By the time I get home I have just enough time for a quick nap and then it’s off to my day job.  I used to dedicate the hours between 6 and 8 am to my writing but I can’t do that any more.  Also, what little time I could spare over the past several weeks have been dedicated to editing and re-writing the second draft of my book.  I am happy to say that the second draft is now complete and I am ready to start handing it off to a select group of people for review and editing.  While I am waiting for that feedback I hope to get back to regular blogging. 

I’ve also decided to take the first draft copies of the book down from this site.  I’m getting to the point now where I don’t want the early drafts out there for public consumption any more and I hope to soon re-release the full book by the summer, if all goes as planned.  So having these chapters up on the site here is a bit counter productive I think.

If you want to be part of my editorial team go ahead and email me for details.  believerstrust@gmail.com


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