Could Your Language Affect Your Ability To Save Money?

I recently started to listen to a lot of Podcasts on personal finance, investing, getting out debt and other areas of interest.   

Last week I stumbled accross the audio version of this TEDTalk from June 2012.  

The idea that the languages we speak can profoundly impact our culture is not new but I had never heard it quite so focused on how entire cultures view saving money.  I’ve always been a strong proponent of living with a focus on the present tense but I actually thought that would have a negative effect on the way people saved money for the future.  In this video, linguist Keith Chen shows that cultures that speak a language without a strong concept of the future actually save more than cultures that are similar in almost every other respect. 

The whole idea blew my mind!  The potential implications of this for my study of Meekonomics are massive so I thought I’d post the video for you all to see for yourself.  Check it out!

Keith Chen “Could Your Language Affect Your Ability To Save Money?

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