New Book Project – Political Meekonomy; Christian Ethics for a Post Christian World

I finally have the outline for my next book project and have starting jotting down ideas and concepts to pursue.  Here’s the working table of contents and a brief description of what I intend to pursue over the next several months.

Introduction; The World Has Changed

Chapter One; Turn Around (You’re Facing the Wrong Way)

Chapter Two; Salt and Light (The Core of Christian Ethics)

Chapter Three; The Community Hermeneutic (Service, Leadership and the Body of Christ)

Chapter Four; Rendering Unto Caesar (It’s not about money, but it’s about money)

Chapter Five; Yes Men (and Women, How to say yes to the needs right infront of you and on the other side of the world)

Chapter Six; What Do You Do When Minority Means You? (Living on the outside of power)

Chapter Seven; Say What? (Speak the truth in love)

Chapter Eight; The Cost of Discipleship (Come and die)

Chapter Nine; Alpha and Omega (The beginning and the end, has much changed?)

Conclusion; Being in the World but Not of the World

It’s been roughly 500 years since the protestant reformation.  We’ve lived the better part of the last few centuries, in the west at least, under what historians and anthropologists have called “Christendom”.  But somehow, over the last generation or so, there has been a major shift.  We’ve become a multicultural society.  As a result mainline Christian churches that were once the bedrock of the sociopolitical structure are losing influence.  How we react to that, and what we do to remain relevant is a large reason I chose to write this book.

But this is not a call to return to the old ways.  Nor is it a lament of what we are losing.  When you get right down to it, much of what we have already lost really had to go anyway and what we stand to gain is a far greater calling than anything we could have achieved under the old system.  This is a book about what we are gaining through multiculturalism and what our new role (or perhaps our true role) in society should be.

Stay tuned!

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