Becoming a Man (or Woman) of Issachar

The other day while listening to a religious podcast I heard about the Men of Issachar.

From Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do—200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command; [1 Chronicles 12:32]

To be honest even though I’ve read the Bible all the way through several times, this was the first time I had ever heard about these men. It’s a pretty obscure reference and I think it’s the only time these men are ever mentioned in the whole Bible. But when I stopped and thought about it for a second I realized that in a way The Meekonomics Project is really about calling us all to be a little more like the men of Issachar.

The men of Issachar are immortalized in the list of people who joined David’s army at Hebron to overthrow Saul and install David as King. But it’s not the military aspect of the story that caught my attention. It’s the way in which these men are described other than their military usefulness. According to the account in Chronicles these were men who “understood the times and knew what Israel should do”.


The Meekonomics Project is in part about educating and empowering people to do what they know it be right in the area of finance and ethics.

Do you understand the times? Do you know what you and your family, your community and even the broader society should be doing? Are you willing to take a stand? Do you even know where to start? Are you Man (or Woman) of Issachar?

Yesterday I received a draft copy of the booklet and e-book “6 Steps To Financial Freedom”. I am now in the process of going through and making corrections to the manuscript so that it can be ready for a full release in the near future. If you can excuse the spelling and grammar errors I’ll send you a free .pdf of the draft anytime, just drop me a request via e-mail to

These 6 steps are, to my mind, a Men of Issachar moment. We live in a time of socioeconomic turmoil. Many anthropologists and sociologist have started to refer to the current age as the “Post-Christian era”. As Christ-followers in this new Post-Christian time the world needs us to be like the Men of Issachar more than ever. The world needs to see men and women who “understand the times and know what must be done,” with our finances and other resources in order to save the credibility of Christianity and be lantern bearers for a better way.

salt and light

There are very few things that speak louder about our values than the way we handle money. If we are to be salt and light, in a darkened and tasteless world there is no better place to start than with our bank accounts. For more information on The Meekonomics Project or to get your free copy of the e-book “6 Steps To Financial Freedom” write to


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