The New Elevator Pitch – Define your Business in a Tweet

What do you mean by God’s Economy?


This was a question I got on Twitter a few days back.

I have to admit it stumped me. It stumped me not because I haven’t given it a lot of thought, its part of the subtitle of my upcoming book “Meekonomics; How to Inherit the Earth and Live Life to the Fullest in God’s Economy.” (Buy the pre-release here). No it stumped me because up until that moment I had never tried to define it in 140 characters.

In today’s social media culture, not being able to define something in a tweet can be death to your marketing plan. Twitter has become a huge part of the media landscape. The elevator pitch has been reduced to the 140 character fast-ball. If you can’t say it on twitter you could lose your audience forever before you’ve even begun.

So after giving it some thought and praying about it I sent this response.

In a word – Love, The world says rule and manage. God says simply LOVE, do that and everything else is immaterial.

Go ahead and tweet that it you like, it’s 115 characters, which leaves you just enough room to add in a comment of your own.

Now try to define a key component of your business in a tweet. Can you do it? If not maybe you need to refine what it is you do.

Comment Questions

  1. What do you think God’s Economy means?
  2. Can you define a key component of your business in a tweet? Send it to me, I’d love to know.

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