Or Maybe Not… (A Conversation about Sin, Politics, and Financial Coaching)



This past week I started a new promotional campaign for my Financial Coaching service and the books I’ve written on the subject. Check out the newly updated products page!

I don’t have a marketing budget so everything I am doing is focussed on-line and I am meeting with certain influencers who can help me get in front of the right target market. The financial service industry calls these people Centers of Influence. They are not the people who are the ultimate target market for the services I provide, but they know who they are and have influence within that community.

My first meeting was with a Christian business leader that I have known for about 3 years. I told him on the phone that I had written a book on a Christian approach to economics and that I was starting a financial coaching practice. Before I could even ask if he would be willing to sit down with me he blurted out, “Awesome, when can you come by?”

So just before lunch on Thursday morning we sat down in the board room of his company. I proceeded to walk him through the main points of “Meekonomics; How to Inherit the Earth and Live Life to the Fullest in God’s Economy” and the “6 Steps to Financial Freedom” Coaching Program.

He was really great. He didn’t interrupt more than a couple of times, just to get a bit of clarification and make sure he understood what I was saying. That was good because this being the first time I had really shown my ideas to anyone I needed to get the kinks out of my presentation. I fumbled a bit, missed a few points and hand to back-track but he got it, and was very gracious.

Then at the end he asked a question, that I am sure he had been holding back since I had called him the week before. He said, “I’ve been trying to figure out where you stand politically, you haven’t answered that for me.”

Politics are a hot button issue within the Christian community. A lot of people will measure how holy you are by where you stand on certain issues and how you vote in general elections. I’ve even heard it said that there is no such thing as a “liberal” Christian. Non-sense! But that’s a discussion for another day…

I think my response surprised him a bit. I said “Good, because this isn’t really a question of politics and I don’t want to be pigeon holed as either too conservative or too liberal.”

The point here isn’t where you stand on a political spectrum. The point is whether or not you understand mathematics well enough to keep your bills paid. And from a Christian perspective, whether or not your understand God well enough to know that, this side of heaven, to a certain degree we are all heretics.

Here’s an excerpt from “Meekonomics” that sums up what I’m trying to say;

Dr. Greg Boyd who we first met in the last chapter, once put it this way.

Right Doctrine – Love = Worthless Noise

This point is this; you can have right doctrine by living solely out of a ruler mentality or solely out of the caretaker mentality. The endless debate we face as Christians today between the right wing and the left wing believers is, at the end of the day a debate between two groups that truly and honestly think that they have a clear understanding of what God wants and why we were created.

And they are both equally right and equally wrong at the same time!

The reason the debate exists is not because one side is right and the other side is delusional. The debate exists, and will continue to exist in endless perpetuity because both sides lack enough of a love mentality to be able to find balance between the two. This isn’t a debate between right and wrong. It’s not even a debate between good and better. It is a debate between sin and other sin.

When we view sin as anything short of the perfection God envisioned then both sides are sinners in equal measure.   The best definition I’ve ever heard of sin is simply to miss the mark. If the bull’s-eye is defined by the love mentality then any straying toward either the ruler mentality or the caretaker mentality is sin, plain and simple and any debate that does not take into account the love mentality is as Dr. Boyd so aptly put it “worthless noise.”

Everything, and I mean everything we do as Christ-followers, from the way we evangelize new believers and disciple each other, to the way we go about the mundane necessities of life, like going to work, taking the kids to soccer practice and paying the bills, must be done through the lens of God centered love for our neighbours.

That’s the bull’s-eye! Anything less is sin.

Does that make me a conservative or a liberal? I don’t know, and quite frankly I don’t care.

I’m a Christ-follower who loves his fellow man so much I want to help everyone I can live their best life. One way I know how to do that is to teach you what I know about finances and help you “inherit the earth”.  That’s what The Meekonomics Project is all about.

Is it perfect? No!

Does it line up with conservative or liberal theology? Who cares!?

At the end of the day it’s just math.

For more information on my Financial Coaching service visit the products page or write to: themeekonomicsproject@gmail.com

And stay tuned for an announcement regarding the re-launch of “Meekonomics; How To Inherit the Earth and Live Life to the Fullest in God’s Economy” coming soon to a book store near you.

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