I Released My Book

A few months ago I told the world that I wrote a book. Read that post [here].

Well on Thursday night I sat down with half a dozen of my closest and most trusted advisors in business and ministry and showed them the program that I have developed hand in hand with my writing.

Here’s a picture I took of the boardroom we met in.

book launch

What and night?

With the exception of a few one on one conversations I’ve had this was the first time I had really opened up my heart and shared my plan with anyone publicly. The people I invited had collective business, life and ministry experience of over 300 “man years” and the feedback I received was invaluable. Over the next few weeks I will be adjusting my presentation accordingly and preparing to release my plan for financial ministry in a series of public seminars early in the New Year.  Stay tuned to this space for more information on that as it becomes available.

My mission, as I have stated in this space before is simple;

To help people reconcile their relationships with God and Money through Education and Empowerment. To teach people to live Debt Free, Build Wealth and Leave a Legacy.

Here are a few things I heard in response to my mission and my plans for ministry on Thursday night.

1 – My mission resonates with people of all faiths, and even some with those of little to no faith.

God is a broad term. Everyone has a God, for some it is a deity in the traditional sense, for others it is a principle or ideal they hold dear. What-ever the case, the way you handle your money will have a profound impact on the way you serve your god. And in some cases you money is your god and that’s just sad…

2 – Not enough people understand how carrying debt hurts their ability to serve their god, build wealth and/or leave a legacy.

Debt is quite simply bondage and servitude and it holds you down, preventing you from doing the things you know you need to do in order to fulfill your personal mission on earth, what-ever that may be.

3 – There is a profound desire in society to give back.

I call it Leaving a Legacy, the proper term is philanthropy but at the end of the day it really comes down to gratitude, generosity and living life with a spirit of peace, grace, joy and abundance. Wealthy people who live out of a scarcity mindset are the most miserable and joyless people on earth. They hoard and blame the victims of tragedy for their own poverty and loss. While wealthy and not so wealthy people who live out of a worldview of abundance and grace are among the happiest, most welcoming and generous people you will ever meet.

The way I do business, the ministry I have started and the books I have published all point in the same direction.  Serve God (what-ever that means to you), steward your resources well and give it all back someday.

Stay tuned for more on my ministry and mission in the coming months. In the mean time, join the community of like minded travelers on this road we call life at www.themeekonomicsproject.com   For more information on my writings and ministry email me directly at themeekonomicsproject@gmail.com

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