Failure is a Failed Concept

Lately I’ve noticed some of my clients and even some colleagues around me using the phrase “I’m Failing” to describe their lives.  When I look at these people and what they define as failure it just makes me sad thinking about.

For the most part the people who describe themselves in this way are typical hard working, middle class citizens with a few challenges.  Sure they are experiencing stress.  Maybe they aren’t living up to their own expectations but if they were to take the time to you really stop and look at life I doubt they would classify themselves as failures.

Sure, you could always improve, I know I could, but does that make you a failure? I don’t think so.

You see, there is really no end destination in life, once we achieve a milestone there are always more accomplishments waiting just around the corner. There is no top of the mountain, there is always a still higher peak to reach just a little further down the path.

king of the mountain

When you think about your life in terms of pass/fail there is never any room for growth.

It’s time to stop thinking in this way. You’re not failing when you have stress. And you haven’t passed some great test when you achieved something. You’re just learning what does and doesn’t work.  And that’s what life is all about.

A so called successful life is about finding the pathway up the mountain. When you have a setback or experience stress you haven’t failed. You just learned what doesn’t work and you’re that much closure to figuring out what does.

So the next time you think you’ve failed try something new. That’s what all the successful people who came before you did and it’s the only way we learn what works.


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