Just Breathe

Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” [John 4:10]

I recently heard it said that Trust is Faith Inhaling, while Faith is Trust Exhaling. Take a second and just breath with me.

Faith in – Trust out.


The story of Jesus with the Samaritan Women at the well can be read as an example of breathing faith. Here’s a woman who by all accounts is a religious person but also an outcast both to Jesus and her own people. She knows the traditions and teachings and understands what keeps Jews and Samaritan’s apart. And she knows the cultural sensitivities towards faith and purity that are keeping her alone and ostracized among her own people. Yet when Jesus speaks to her he tells her that if she would only ask, in a way just breath in faith he could give her so much more.

This startles her and after a little pull back Jesus convinces her that he understands her struggles and faith is worth it so she chooses to believe. She breaths it in, and then demonstrates her faith by going out and telling everyone about the man she just met. She exhales by trusting that what Jesus said is true.

Faith in – Trust out.

I realize I’m mixing metaphors here. Jesus speaks of living water while I’m talking about air but I think my analogy holds up just as well. Faith is something that you take in and can even hold privately for a while but eventually is must be expelled. You must learn to trust God enough to exhale or you will eventually suffocate and die.

Exhaling faith is demonstrating that you believe all the promises God has made and that you trust him to sustain you. You trust him that there is more air available and you will be able to breathe in again.

Faith in – Trust out.

When you inhale you are doing things for your own self, your own sustenance. Inhaling is ultimately selfish. But when you exhale you are serving others, demonstrating your faith, spreading God’s grace to those around you and giving back some of the air that you took in.

Faith in – Trust out.

When everyone breathes in at once you can literally suck the air out of a room and if you then proceed to hold your breath no one can get anything done. Have you ever tried to do anything while holding your breath? Stop hoarding the air! Breathe out and help someone.

We all need to inhale, take in faith, even hold it inside for a while from time to time. But we also need to trust God enough to exhale, share the air, spread the word and demonstrate that we know there is plenty of air to go around. That’s what living our faith is all about.

Faith in – Trust out.

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