My First VLog

Today I am launching a new feature on The Meekonomics Project! Welcome to my new Video Blog.

I have to admit that I personally have never been much into the whole on-line video thing. I subscribe to TedTalks but I rarely watch them and I usually just click past any videos that are posted by any of the other people I follow on line. The reason is simple, I absorb information more quickly and completely if I read it.

I find videos distracting I spend more time wondering where a person found their cool shirt than thinking about what they are actually saying. As a result the amount of information I actually absorb in a 2 minute video is far less than I could obtain by reading the transcript of their speech.   Not to mention that fact that what it takes the average person 2 minutes to say, takes less than half that to read.

That being said I have found that a lot of people like Video Blogs and Infographics and by not using them I’m limiting my audience.

According to stats posted on YouTube’s own site they have over 1 billion users, ever day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.  Compare that to WordPress, where this site is hosted, which hosts just 72.4 million sites and sees just 500,000 new posts a day it’s obvious that on-line video has far outpaced text only blogging in just a few years. Only 800,000 of those billions of videos on YouTube, are linked in some way back to WordPress.

Until now one of the things holding me back was technology. The only video camera I have is the one embedded in my iPhone. Granted that’s a pretty good video camera, but the memory is limited and the editing capability almost non-existent. I did briefly consider purchasing a GoPro but I was worried about how I might come off as a “talking head”, you see I tend to do most of my writing early in the morning, pre-shower and nobody needs to see that.

And then I discovered Animaker, a free video animation tool.


I can write a script, create an avatar to “speak” for me, drop in a few props, sound effects and some background music and presto, I am now the proud manager of a Video Blog. Simple, direct and I now have access to the billions of people who prefer to get their information from a video than read a text only blog.

I don’t know how many of these Vlogs I’m going to make. They are time consuming, this two minute video took me about 8 hours to create but I’m just learning the software and I should be able to cut that down considerably with practice. I had a lot of fun doing it though and I have ideas for several more.

So here’s my first ever Vlog Post – I call it “The Elevator Pitch” – It’s about how I got where I am today and why I started writing in the first place, I hope you like it!

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