Silent No More

Over the past few years my blogging has been sporadic at best.  It used to be that I would write two or three times a week.  Lately it’s been more like two or three times a season.

There are many reasons for that, some of them based on time constraints, some based on an inability to focus but most based on a genuine lack of anything coherent to say. 

Much of what I have been dealing with as a writer has been a clear and persistent fear that what I was feeling wasn’t something anyone would be interested in reading about.  I have worried that if I were to write honestly about what I was truly feeling many of my former readers would abandon me, brand me a heretic or worse, go on the attack. 

Since we entered the era of Trump and the worldwide growth in populism, I have become increasingly fearful for the future of the world.  Democracy, human rights and religious freedom are all under attack.  The environment, climate change and the very survival of our species are at stake.  Faced with these daunting concerns I did what any sane, and yet fearful introvert does, I retreated into a self-imposed exile of silence and reflection. 

I didn’t stop writing all together, I just stop publishing what I wrote.  The resulting silence has led to three, not quite fully formed musings, on Leadership, Philanthropy and Blasphemy in the modern evangelical church.  Each one of these musings have the potential to blow up making me a target of criticism and vile attacks.    So, they remain unpublished, nothing more than bits and bites of data locked away on my computer hard drive. 

Until now. 

I would like 2020 to be the year that I re-emerge as a writer. I hope to begin by publishing exerts from some of my unpublished works, new thoughts and edits.  By the end of the year I hope to publish at least one book length project, maybe more. 

Will anyone care?  I don’t know. 

But I do know this; my purpose as a writer is to express my faith as a disciple of Jesus, to both teach and learn how to live life to the fullest in complete submission to the will of God, steward the planet, guide creation and care for humanity as a member of one coherent community of infinitely valuable image bearers of the divine.

Will everyone agree with me?  I doubt it. 

Will I make as many enemies as I do friends?  Probably more. 

Will I be reduced to a voice crying in the wilderness?  I hope not. 

But I cannot remain silent.  I am afraid for the future and I cannot remain hidden in the shadows.  If a sixteen-year-old can go from relative obscurity to Time Magazine’s newsmaker of the year, the least I can do is stand up and be counted. 

Up first, some thoughts on the continuing blasphemy of the western evangelical church.  Nothing like starting with something uncontroversial right?  Stay tuned.

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