FREE Prayer School E-book

For such a time as this

About two years ago I started to write a book on prayer.  What resulted was a 42-page booklet that I never felt confident enough to release publicly.  The plan was to continue to flesh out the ideas I had started until I had a complete book length project that I could release to the world.  That hasn’t quite happened, (long story).  In the meantime, I decided to put it up on Amazon with my other projects, but I never promoted it and I never included it on my books page.

Until now.

Not to be too opportunistic or to be lumped in with the “thoughts and prayers” crowd but it seems to me the world needs prayer now more than ever.  For seekers and new believers that are looking for answers, this could be a good place to start.

When I went on to Amazon today, I noticed that they are offering access to it for free with a Kindle Unlimited account or $7.84 for the paperback version.  As much as I would appreciate a few sales, for a limited time I’ve decided to make the pdf file available free to all comers.

Just to go and fill out the information form.  I will email you the file within 48 hours.  While you’re at it maybe include a little information about how you are dealing with the current COVID 19 crisis and what your experience has been with prayer during times of trouble.

If you a prefer a hard copy you can purchase it through my books page or directly from Amazon here:

Here’s the back-cover description of the book that I wrote for Amazon, and the video message I just released on my YouTube Channel.

In 2016 I experienced a crisis of faith. In my darkest hour I cried out to God and heard a still small voice saying; “this then is how your should pray..” Thus began a daily ritual of prayer that has led me to a deeper understanding of God, community, peace and power. This little book is the framework of that prayer and forms the basis of a larger work slated for release in 2020.

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