Have you ever wished you could test drive a life insurance policy?  (No? Just me?)  Well now you can!

From now until December 1st, if you sign up for a 20 or 30 year Term Life Insurance Policy, Canada Life will pay your first 4 months of premiums for you.  (We’ll do it on a Term to Age 65 policy too, but you have to be under 45 to apply.) 

Call it what you like, 4 months free, 33% off, or don’t pay until May (I kind of like that one, it rhymes).  The bottom line is if you apply and pay the first premium before December 1st, once the policy is approved, Canada Life pays the next four months for you. 

That’s huge!

We’ve never done anything like this before.  In fact, when I started in the life insurance business, I was told that rebating in this industry was illegal.  But our lawyers checked, and they talked to every regulatory authority in the country and guess what – it’s not! 

So, the lawyers, talked to the accountants and the accountants talked to the underwriters and everyone agreed that it’s high time somebody turned the stuffy old insurance industry on its head. 

Now, accountants being accountants and lawyers being lawyers they won’t let us do this forever.  So, don’t delay, December 1 is only 10 days away!  Call or email today! (more rhyming, what can I say?)

Cheers – Lauren

PS – for those of you in B.C., the insurance regulators there told our lawyers we could only pay for three months of premiums for you.  Sorry about that, but you have killer whales and Bryan Adams so quit complaining.

PSS – early in January I will be hosting a webinar on the investment outlook for 2021.  Stay tuned for more details. 

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