5 Reasons to Book a Strategy Session Today!

Hello beautiful people! 

I just got off a zoom call with a new client and I am pumped up!  Not because the call itself was anything special but because my new friend Ryan, truly gets it. 

I met Ryan last month, and no word of a lie, when he found out I was a financial advisor his immediate reaction was, “Do you sell Life Insurance?  We need to talk!” 

I’ll be honest, I was a bit surprised by that.  Nobody gets that excited about meeting me for the first time unless they think I’m someone else. 

I’ve been told I look a bit like the actor Andy Richter but honestly, I don’t see it, you be the judge…

Andy Richter

But Ryan was genuinely excited to talk with me.  Why?

Ryan just turned 25.  Not exactly the age that a lot of people are thinking about Life Insurance.  He just graduated from college, started his first real job and has very little debt. 

On the surface Ryan is young and vibrant, with no real obligations that would require Life Insurance. 

But Ryan knows one fundamental truth that people several years older them him sometimes have trouble grasping –

Life Insurance isn’t about you – it’s about the people you leave behind.

It turns out, Ryan is about to become a dad, and that changes EVERYTHING!

That got me thinking, over the years I have noticed that there are generally 5 times in a person’s life then they tend to engage the help of a financial advisor.

  1. When they start or change jobs
  2. When they find a life partner and combine households
  3. When they purchase a home
  4. When they have a child
  5. When they, or someone close to them, experiences a life changing injury or illness and they see firsthand how proper financial planning could have saved a lot of hardship.

When I sat down with Ryan it quickly became apparent to both of us that he easily ticked off 3 of those 5 boxes. 

Here’s the deal.  If you tick off any  of those boxes we should talk.  A 30-minute strategy session is all it takes to determine exactly how I can help you. 

Interested?  Book your strategy session here.

Not quite ready to commit?

Consider this:

  • 27,000 people in North America get hit by a bus every year.  And 43% of them have no Life Insurance. 
  • The average North American will make approximately $1.7 million in their lifetime.  And those with Life Insurance only carry about $160,000 of coverage.  That’s less than 2 years of income for their families to live on after they’re gone.
  • A $1 million life insurance policy costs on average $2.00 per day!

Is your families future worth $2.00 per day? 

And that’s just Life Insurance.  Not to mention your needs for Disability, Critical Illness or Health Insurance, Retirement and Estate Planning. 

Now can you see the value of Financial Planning? 

Book your strategy session here today.

Talk soon – Lauren

PS: Still not sure we can work together, download my eBook:  Three Steps to Financial Freedom and see for yourself exactly how I work.

PPS:  Be honest, do you think I look like Andy Richter?  Personally I think I look more like TinTin from the Belgian comic book series…

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