My 3 Word TED Talk

If I am ever asked to give a TED Talk I already know exactly what I’m going to say.


Here it is:

In order to be successful in whatever you set out to achieve you must first Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry.

That’s it.  TED Talk over.  That is the key to a highly productive, successful, low stress life. 

Pretty good right? 

I stole it.

The phrase was coined by philosophy professor Dallas Willard of The University of Southern California.  Willard was not only a great teacher but also a prolific author and sought-after public speaker.  When asked by a young journalist how he managed to fit everything into his busy schedule he is said to have looked the journalist in the eye and very slowly said, “You must first ruthlessly eliminate hurry.” 

The eager young journalist jotted that down and then said, “Great! What else?”

Willard paused for what seem like a very long time, took a deep breath, and said, “There is nothing else.”

Over Labour Day I went home to visit my parents.  My mom and dad are both in their 80’s now and while they are still strong and active, they are nevertheless starting to slow down a bit.  

Before I went, I told dad that if he had any heavy work that needed doing around the yard to save it for me.  No need for him to overexert himself if I was going to be there in a few days.  That’s how I ended up spending my holiday spreading two yards of mulch over his garden. 

It was a big job but as I was loading the wheelbarrow for what seemed like the 1000th time I remembered Dallas Willard and I realized that no matter how insurmountable the task might seem, to be successful you must first ruthlessly eliminate hurry.  No point in rushing, the mountain of mulch wasn’t going anywhere without me.

And I brought that lesson home. 

September has always been a time of reset and refocus for me.  As of this writing there are just 14 weeks remaining in 2021.  While I’m not complaining there are still a few goals that I have yet to accomplish.  Time to refocus and push hard to the end of the year. 

But not at the expense of quality service, and my mental health. 

Hurry leads to anxiety, causes mistakes, and almost always ends up increasing the time it takes to reach our goals.  That’s what I think Professor Willard was getting at when he said we must ruthlessly eliminate hurry. 

So, as we all refocus for the fall remember to ruthlessly eliminate hurry and pay attention to quality.  The mulch is not going anywhere without you, so to speak. 

I also just wanted to give you a quick reminder to not forget about my 10-year anniversary special –

1 – Download my eBook; “Three Steps to Financial Freedom.” and learn my system for achieving freedom and security in your lifetime.

2 – Book a FREE 30-minute strategy session and learn how best to implement these three steps into your family’s life. 

3 – Implement at least one aspect of the plan before November 30 (the actual 10-year anniversary of my employment with Freedom 55) and receive a yet to be determined gift of appreciation. 

Talk again soon – Lauren

PS:  Did you hear the news?  Canada Life has just launched a new series of Responsible Investment Funds designed to help the planet while maintaining investment returns.  Check out the press release here and get in touch any time if you would like your investment portfolio to include funds that are conscious of their environmental and social impact.

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