Water Witching

A not so Spooky Story about the Environment and Sustainable Investing.

Halloween is just around the corner and spooky stories about ghosts and witches are all the rage, but honestly when it comes to spooky stores, I’ve got nothing.  So instead, here’s a not so spooky story about a different kind of witch that might just lead to a great investment opportunity to boot.

Back in the 1980s my family owned a cottage outside of Bracebridge ON. 

It was a rustic place.  No electricity and no running water.  But the lake was full of Pickerel, and that was good enough for me. 

We had to bring bottled water from home to drink and boil lake water for everything else. 

One summer my dad noticed a trickle of water meandering across the road behind our place and surmised their must be a spring nearby.  So, he cut a switch from a tree and went in search of the source.  When he found it, we had fresh spring water suitable for drinking. 

Have you ever seen someone use a Water Witch?  That’s what dad did to find the spring.  As a kid I was utterly fascinated that something so simple could be used to find something so vital. 

Here’s a link to a video of a man demonstrating the technique.  It looks strange but believe me, it works!

It was during those summers at the lake that I first gained an appreciation for nature.  As you know, a lot has changed in the past 40 years or so.  I don’t want to get into a debate out climate change, I’ll leave that to the scientists, but it’s clear that our planet is fragile and anything we can do to protect it is a good thing, right? 

That’s why I am please to point out the new Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios. 

When I started in this business sustainable portfolios were a niche product that in most cases were content to accept mediocre returns in exchange for a sense of moral superiority.  But as the sustainable investing industry has matured and more people have become aware of the need to protect the environment these funds have had to keep up with the rest of the market.  In recent years it has become not only possible, but commonplace for sustainable funds to compete and even outperform.  

On September 20, Canada Life finally launched a line of sustainable portfolios and I for one couldn’t be more excited! 

I am now able to help you invest in companies that follow strict guidelines pertaining to corporate governance and environmental responsibility without sacrificing returns.  Canada Life partnered with JP Morgan, a world leader in sustainable investing, to build out portfolios covering a variety of investment styles and objectives. 

Check out this link for more information.   And don’t forget to book a strategy session with me to learn how to incorporate sustainable funds into your portfolio.

Have A Great (sustainable) Day – Lauren

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