Quote of the Day – 1/9/2017

Yet in fact, the economy is a subsystem of the earth’s ecosystem, its biosphere. You see, any economic system – like barter, slavery, feudalism, socialism, or capitalism – is a human invention. Since humans are just one of the earth’s many species (albeit a powerful species, what with our written words and our weapons), any invention of ours is a subsystem of the earth’s ecosystem. Once we understand that (which is not my opinion, but plain fact), it leads to other insights. – Annie Leonard; The Story of Stuff


Quote of the Day – 1/5/2017

What I question is not consumption in the abstract but consumerism and over-consumption. While consumption means acquiring and using goods and services to meet one’s needs, consumerism is the particular relationship to consumption in which we seek to meet our emotional and social needs through shopping, and we define and demonstrate our self-worth through the Stuff we own. –Annie Leonard; The Story of Stuff