Quote of the Day – 12/7/2016

Do not attempt healing alone… True healing, of deep connective tissue, takes place in community. Where is God when it hurts? Where God’s people are. Where misery is, there is the Messiah, and now on earth the Messiah takes form in the shape of the church. That’s what the body of Christ means. – Philip Yancey; What Good is God?

Quote of the Day – 12/5/2016

Some have even called communism a Christian heresy because of its emphasis on equality, sharing, justice, and racial harmony. Communism speaks of a “New Socialist Man”; Christianity speaks of a born-again person.   A primary difference between the two, however, lies in their use of power. Communism tends to enforce its beliefs from the top down, at the point of a gun. Jesus described a movement that grows from the bottom up, with changes taking place internally rather than externally. Whenever his followers have strayed from that principle they’ve duplicated the errors of the Marxists. – Philip Yancey; What Good is God?

Quote of the Day – 11/29/2016

There comes a point, however, when justice reaches a dead end. Your revered leader Mahatma Gandhi said it well:  “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and the whole world would soon be blind and toothless.” – @QuoteableYancey Philip Yancey; What Good is God?